Joseph Walsh



"I believe we can enhance the quality of our lives by surrounding ourselves with objects that possess values beyond their function or aesthetic, that possess intelligence in their creation, that one can interact with and that will stimulate senses each and every time one engages with them.”


Joseph Walsh (born in 1979) founded his studio and workshop in 1999 in Co. Cork, Ireland. He is a self-taught designer maker, realising one of a kind and limited edition pieces.


Walsh’s creative approach reflects his appreciation of nature and also his desire to engage the user with visual and tactile forms.


The understanding and sympathetic use of the material; the intimate relationship between the process of finding forms and creating structures; the continuity and resolve from the concept to the making process, define Joseph's studio and work today. He seeks inspiration in nature, in the patterns of growth and evolution - this has influenced his approach to design and process allowing the pieces to evolve and reveal themselves. Walsh's workshop - employing team of Master Makers, Design Technicians and their assistants, engineering, resolving and crafting the work – challenges and disrupts existing practice in achieving the ambitious pieces realised.

Joseph Walsh's work can be found in many significant international Museum and Private Collections and is regularly exhibited at the major art and design fairs.



Museum of Arts and Design, New York, USA

Mint Museum of Craft & Design, Charlotte, North Caroline, USA

National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History, Dublin, Ireland

Duke of Devonshire Collection, Chatsworth House, Bakewell, UK

Embassy of Japan, Dublin, Ireland

Sacred Heart Church, Minane Bridge, Co Cork, Ireland

St Mary's Church, Innishannon, Co Cork, Ireland

Rafael Vinoly, Uruguay

John H. Bryan Collection, Illinois, USA

Paul Stuart’s, Madison Avenue, New York, USA

Inchydoney Lodge and Spa Hotel, Clonakilty, Co Cork, Ireland



Selected Media


"Barely 31, The Irish Craftsman Joseph Walsh has become one of the most sought after names in furniture, his distinctive free flowing style and sinuous curvilinear forms makes his work highly coveted by collectors and museums alike."

Bespoke person, Financial Times - How To Spend It, March 2011


"Irish born designer Joseph Walsh falls into the "I don’t know how he does it" category. Self taught, his work manages to be sensually stunning and technically brilliant at the same time..."

The Wall Street Journal, April 2011


"Joseph Walsh expresses his passion and imagination through his work ethic and commitment to exploring the depth and potential of wood as structure, form, material, technology and ecology. His work is a testament to the beauty of pursuing the mastery of a material and exploring a life’s work by learning from each experience. His wood pieces move like the wind, bend like paper, mold like clay and have the strength of bone. We continue to be delighted by the potential wood has and await every project Walsh does to rediscover this material wonder."

Yatzer, September 2010


"Joseph Walsh’s purity of approach and uncompromising dedication to craftsmanship and quality is truly inspirational."

Arts, December 2009


"There were a few serious finds (at Pavilion of Art & Design) including a sinuous table by Irish designer Joseph Walsh made of stacked, laminated wood for the American Gallery Todd Merrill Studio Contemporary."

The Wall Street Journal, October 2009


"Irish furniture designer Joseph Walsh’s new bespoke collection Formations is an impressive display of form, function and material. Inspired by the natural forces of erosion and formation which occurs all around us, the pieces are interwoven with complexities and intricacies that baffle anyone who has the privilege to see them."

Limited, November 2009


"Walsh is a member of ‘the next generation of studio artists’."

Modern Magazine, Fall 2009


"Walsh is one of just a handful of Irish designers whose work belongs in the international world of functional sculpture."

Sunday Times, September 2008


"With meticulous attention to structure and detail, Walsh gives an entirely new definition to Bespoke Furniture."

The Art Newspaper, October 2008


"Walsh’s relationship to wood is both strong and visceral. ‘Wood records climate change and weather patterns throughout each year of its growth’, he affirms. ‘In that sense, it’s recording life over a period of time. It’s growing from the earth’. In his skilful hands, it’s also becomes an object of spectacular beauty."

Architectural Digest, Germany, March 2007


"Joseph Walsh’s distinctive designs and functional works of art have become coveted and collectable. He really established himself as one of the top home grown talents behind tomorrow’s design classics."

The Irish Independent, July 2006


"…an aesthetic style described by the New York Times Virginia Gardiner as ‘Irish-inflected European’…is exemplified in the made-to-order furniture of Joseph Walsh."

The Robb Report Collection - Best of Country, May 2006


"…the furniture designs of Joseph Walsh, (have been) chosen by a panel of experts on behalf of the Crafts Council of Ireland to acknowledge consistency in design excellence."

The Irish Arts Review- Standard Setters, Autumn 2005

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