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DOMMUS Enignum Cleft Cabinet



This elegant family grouping of refined walnut and ebonised Walnut pieces: a cleft wood cabinet, an organic sculptural table and twisted chair forms, have been specifically designed for the home.They encapsulate the quality of making, the diversity of unique and innovative wood working processes and represent his expressive design. Each piece is hand-crafted and yet designed with a specific and practical purpose that would give a refined and elegant character to a dining room, and be immediately recognised as part of the Joseph Walsh DOMMUS Collection. Each piece relates to the other, in a beautifully orchestrated collection.


"As a gallery, Joseph Walsh epitomises our ethos to represent specialist studio based production by influential artist designer-makers using traditional techniques along-side technical innovation, that produce work of integrity and truth to material. The excellence of making achieved through handcrafted precision, adds a distinctive personality to the pieces made and brings relevance, character and a new sensibility to furniture making in a contemporary design context.
Sarah Myerscough, Sarah Myerscough Gallery


Exclusive to the representative gallery - Sarah Myerscough Gallery

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