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Exilumen I



"The series title derives from the Latin ‘Eximo’ (carved out) and ‘Lumen’ (light). The slow and careful carving process we have developed responds to the natural stone and over time and with much consideration, hones it to a form that is seductive to the touch - akin to an ancient slab, eroded in a stream, whose beauty yet endures.


In Exliumen I, unique native Irish Green Marble floats over and is captured by stalactites of clear resin; these then dramatically refract light around, under and through the table.


The Exilumen series sees further exciting and challenging extension to my body of work. This new work explores and celebrates contrasts, difference, singularity: how we appreciate one so much more keenly when in juxtaposition - dark with light; immensity with fragility; organic with man-made; a tapestry of colour with unadorned clarity.


Joseph Walsh

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