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Speakers, Seminar - Decoding Craftsmanship


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Saturday, 14th of September 2019


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Making In  Art / Craft / Design / Architecture /

Announcing the second edition of Making In - a seminar designed to stimulate and fire the imagination of all creative minds. Featuring some of the most profound and exciting voices in international design, this seminar puts Joseph Walsh Studio, and Ireland, at the center of a valuable creative dialogue. One that aims to stimulate thought, to question, to inspire.


As an admirer of the extraordinary body of work they have each created, Joseph Walsh and his team are delighted to welcome these visionary artists, designers and educators to Cork, to share their vision, their commitment to creativity and excellence. To share the beauty of what they do with all of us.


The Value of a Making Culture

We value living in a making culture and believe it to be an important component in society. Consuming cultures that rely on the production of goods elsewhere are poorer than those who engage, not only in thinking about the objects they surround ourselves with, but who are committed to making these objects.

This seminar is part of a series of events that explores the notion of a making culture. In a world where people increasing seek connections to the objects they surround themselves with, and where there is access to global design and new technologies, we examine our past and debate our future as we mark our place in time with the objects we create and live with. Objects that enhance the way we live but are also an expression of who we are.

Making In  2019
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Making In  Seminar // Opening 2018 // Joseph Walsh Studio


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