Joseph Walsh

Joseph Walsh is a designer-maker whose work reflects his passion for expression through material and form. Inspired by the free, uplifting and ever-changing grace found in nature, he has developed a creative process which captures the fluidity of a sketch, of the moment of inspiration, and in which the final form is only defined through its making.

From the moment of founding his own studio and workshop, Joseph Walsh pursued innovation and experimentation, breaking the traditional rules of making, and indeed his own rules, in order to create the truly bold and expressive forms for which he is known today. From monumental scale sculptures to the exquisite craftmanship of a single chair, every piece within his dynamic body of work reveals an intuitive relationship with making, a sympathetic use of materials and an expressive engagement with form.

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    • Magnus Modus, National Gallery of Ireland

    • Enignum Locus Chair, Tsubaki Grand Shrine

    • Enignum Shelf, Centre Pompidou

    • Enignum Locus Chairs, Chatsworth House

Permanent Collections, Selection

Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
Devonshire Collection, Chatsworth House, England
Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, New York, USA
The Mint Museum of Craft and Design, North Carolina, USA
Museum of Arts and Design, New York, USA
DaLisca Family Church, Verona, Italy
National Museum of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
Tsubaki Grand Shrine, Suzuka, Japan

Joseph Walsh Studio

Joseph Walsh Studio encompasses a design studio, workshop, gallery and archive, set around an 18th-century farmhouse in the countryside of County Cork on the south coast of Ireland. Art, craft, design and technical innovation merge in the exquisite and expressive pieces that the studio crafts, opening up new possibilities in material and form.

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