• Enignum Freeform Seat and Eximon Table, 2018

    • Magnus Dining Table, Dublin

    • Enignum Free Form Seat, Enignum Rinn Table, Enignum Canopy Bed, Enignum Desk, Enignum Shelves, Sogetsu Arts Centre, Japan, 2018


Opus represents the core of Joseph Walsh’s creative output, each piece designed to enhance the experience of those who encounter it - as it is used, moved around, touched… stimulating the senses each and every time.

The works shown within the Opus portfolio are largely one-of-a-kind pieces, created for site-specific commission or exhibition. Each of the works in the six series illustrated - Enignum, Lumenoria, Lilium, Exilumen, Eximon and Erosion - has been realised through an intuitive engagement with form, materials and making.

From the earliest pieces in the Enginum series, Joseph Walsh developed a new process for working with materials, relinquishing control for greater freedom, and unpredictability. As the materials are allowed to speak so too does the initial impulse, the delicate expression of the hand.

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  • Enignum Locus Chairs, Chatsworth, England


From the Latin words Enigma (mystery) and Lignum (wood), the Enignum series expresses the mystery of the form that lies within the material. Each Enignum composition is created by manipulating and reconstructing thin layers of ash or walnut, allowing the wood itself to reveal the form as each layer naturally follows the next, coming from the same tree and following the same path.

  • Lumenoria Dining Table, Paris


Light and liquidity. In the Lumenoria series, translucent liquid resin is slowly hand-cast over a free-form Enignum base in a process that is fluid and poetic. As the liquid flows and responds to the wooden form beneath, it creates a sensuous, undulating organic surface. Each piece is unique, speaking of the materials, process and a moment in time.

  • Erosion Dining Table


Smoothing, polishing and wearing through: the quietly relentless power of the sea. Through the Erosion series, Joseph Walsh has sought to emphasise the pattern of erosion – how the energy of removing material is recorded in the form that remains.

  • Lilium Sculptural Table, Lilium Screen


The Lilium series explores the tension between the ordered and the chaotic, the geometric and the lyrical: from the perfect, controlled symmetry of the bulb to the effusion of its freed form. While some elements keep to symmetrical repetitions, others erupt into glorious, abstract shape. It is both a study and an expression of the beauty we create and the beauty that we quietly observe.